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Cuba Libre: A Brief History of Cuba



Cuba Libre: A Brief History of Cuba

Paul J. Dosal

ISBN: 978-0-882-95246-8 April 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 152 Pages


As a work intended as concise supplementary reading for undergraduates, in the general pattern of Harlan Davidson’s American and European History Series, Paul Dosal’s Cuba Libre is a smashing success—relating the fascinating history of the island nation in 150 pages of lively narrative—one that will set the tone for the volumes to follow.

In its selection of facts and figures and steadily paced storyline, this succinct history of Cuba, from first contact with Europeans to the present, will appeal to students and instructors alike as interesting and informative reading for the Latin American and World History surveys, as well as specialized courses in Cuban history of Latin American-U.S. relations.

Editor’s Foreword vii

Acknowledgments xi

Preface 1

Chapter One: The Key to the New World, 1492-1825 4

Conquest and Colonization 6

International Rivalry in the Caribbean 8

The British Occupation of Havana 11

The Emergence of Cuban Nationalism 15

Chapter Two: The Wars for Independence, 1825-1898 23

Sugar and Slavery 24

The Ten Years War, 1868-1878 30

Between Wars, 1878-1895 34

The Cuban War for Independence, 1895-1898 36

Chapter Three: The First Republic, 1898-1934 42

The Politics of the First Republic, 1902-1933 45

The Dance of the Millions 48

Cubanidad 53

The Revolution of 1933 56

Chapter Four: The Second Republic, 1934-1958 63

The Politics of the Second Republic, 1934-1952 64

The Batistato, 1952-1958 67

Americanization and Cubanidad 72

The Insurrection 76

Chapter Five: The Revolution: 1959-1970 83

Consolidating the Revolution, 1959-1960 85

Defining the Revolution, 1960-1961 88

Defending the Revolution, 1961-1962 93

Revolution with Pachanga; 1963-1970 97

Chapter Six: The Last Revolutionary: 1970-2005 105

The Institutional Revolution, 1970-1980 106

Race and Culture in Revolutionary Cuba 111

Women in Revolutionary Cuba 116

The Special Period, 1990-2005 120

Conclusion 125

Bibliographical Essay 128

Maps 141

Present-day Cuba, Library of Congress, g4920 ct 000515 (front endsheet)

Spanish Ameica, circa 1800 16

Cuba Missile Locations, 1962 95

Central America and the Caribbean, Library of Congress, g4800 ct 000857a (back endsheet)

Photographs follow page 62