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Cultural Diversity in the United States: A Critical Reader

Cultural Diversity in the United States: A Critical Reader

Ida Susser (Editor), Thomas C. Patterson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22213-2

Mar 2001

490 pages

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Cultural Diversity in the United States: A Critical Reader is an unprecedented collection of contemporary writings authored by some of anthropology's most notable scholars-from across the discipline - on the central issues of cultural diversity in the United States. The contributors to this landmark critical reader rethink diversity, identity politics, and multiculturalism, and provide fundamental tools for the analysis and understanding of critical political issues in the United States today.
Foreword: Yolanda Moses.

Preface: Ida Susser.

Introductions: Ida Susser, Thomas C. Patterson, Steven F. Arvizuu.

Part I: Biological and Medical Issues:.

1. Biological Diversity and Cultural Diversity from Race to Radical Bioculturalism: Alan H. Goodman.

2. The Peoplings of The Americas: Anglo Stereotypes and Native American Realities: C. Loring Brace and A. Russell Nelson.

3. Diversity in The Context of Health and Illness: Cheryl Mwaria.

4. Health, Disease, and Social Inequality: Merrill Singer.

Part II: Historical Development of Contemporary Diversity:.

5. The Color-Blind Bind: Lee Baker.

6. Racialized Identity and The Law: Sally Engle Merry.

7. Immigration and Ethnicity: Shifting Boundaries: Judith Goode.

8. Unearthing Diversity and Archaeological Issues: Thomas C. Patterson.

9. The Hyphenated Past: American Cultural Diversity: Ruben G. Mendoza.

10. The Roots of Our Inequality: Elizabeth M. Scott.

Part III: Diversity: Contemporary Issues, Contemporary Conflicts:.

11. The Complex Diversity of Language in The United States: Bonnie Urciuoli.

12. Contemporary Native American Struggles and The Construction of "Nation": Thomas Biolsi.

13. New Labor Struggles: Gender, Ethnicity, and Migration: June Nash.

14. Social Inequality: Diversity, Poverty, and Gender in The City: Ida Susser.

15. Ethnicity and Place: J. Diego Vigil and Curtis C. Roseman.

16. Diversity and Kinship Today: Lynn Bolles.

17. Aging : Cultural Diversity as A Late-Life Concern: Maria Vesperi.

18. Poverty, Class, and Sexual Orientation: Jeff Maskovsky.

19. Diversity and Psychocultural Open Systems Models: Michael Winkelman.

Part IV: Overviews of Diversity in The United States:.

20. Studying American Cultural Diversity: Some Non-Essentializing Perspectives: Douglas Foley and Kirby Moss.

21. Diversity in Anthropological Theory: Karen Brodkin.

Afterword: Louise Lamphere.


"Susser and Patterson have compiled a work we have long needed: a set of fine-grained historical analyses stretching across the four fields of anthropology, which makes the understanding of diversity its central focus. Containing ample supplementary references and detailed practical suggestions for teaching, this treasure will be indispensable for anyone interested in the politics of difference in contemporary U.S. culture." Emily Martin, Princeton University

"This volume greatly enriches the understanding of cultural differences and will doubtless inform future discussion and debate." Choice

"Cultural diversity is, simply put, the best reader available on the complex connections between race, ethnicity, class, and gender in the United States" Matthew C. Gutmann, Brown University, Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute

  • Unprecedented collection of contemporary writings from across the anthropological subfields on the vital issue of cultural diversity in the United States.

  • Provides fundamental tools for analyzing and understanding critical political issues in the United States.

  • Important areas of discussion include: re-examining the social and political history of the United States; establishing a framework for the understanding of inequality; and confronting simplistic images of diversity in an effort to enrich and deepen understanding of difference in the United States.