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Culturally Responsive Counseling With Latinas/os

Culturally Responsive Counseling With Latinas/os

Patricia Arredondo, Maritza Gallardo-Cooper, Edward A. Delgado-Romero, Angela L. Zapata.

ISBN: 978-1-119-22160-9

Sep 2015

281 pages

Select type: O-Book


This book provides culture-centered assessment and intervention strategies for effective clinical practice with Latina/o individuals and families. Mental health professionals will gain new and expanded cultural competence as they learn to sensitively and ethically integrate Latino values into their work. Throughout the text, case scenarios illustrate ways to work successfully with clients of all ages. A sample culture-centered clinical interview is included, along with a listing of Latino-specific mental health resources. Topics discussed include roles, relationships, and expectations in Latino families; cultural and bicultural values; gender role socialization; generational differences; identity and acculturation issues; educational values and achievement; Latinas/os in the workforce; and religious beliefs and practices.

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Preface vii

About the Authors xiii

Chapter 1 Who Are Latinos? 1

Chapter 2 Latino Worldviews and Cultural Values 15

Chapter 3 Acculturation and Enculturation Processes 31

Chapter 4 The Complexity of Latina/o Multidimensional Identity 41

Chapter 5 Education 61

Chapter 6 Employment, Economics, and the Psychology of Working 79

Chapter 7 Situational Stressors and Their Effects 101

Chapter 8 La Familia Latina: Strengths and Transformations 117

Chapter 9 Planning for Culture-Centered Assessment and Practice 145

Chapter 10 Latinas/os in Counseling 173

Chapter 11 Ethics and Organizational Cultural Competencies 197

Chapter 12 The Future of Latina/o-Centered Counseling 205

Appendix A Culture-Centered Clinical Interview–Revised 221

Appendix B Latino Mental Health Resources 225

References 229

Index 269