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Culture Shift: Transforming Your Church from the Inside Out

Culture Shift: Transforming Your Church from the Inside Out

Robert Lewis, Wayne Cordeiro, Warren Bird (With)

ISBN: 978-0-787-97530-2

Apr 2005

256 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Culture Shift, written for church leaders, ministers, pastors, ministry teams, and lay leaders, leads you through the process of identifying your church’s distinctive culture, gives you practical tools to change it from the inside-out, and provides steps to keep your new culture aligned with your church’s mission. Real transformation is not about working harder at what you’re already doing or even copying another church’s approach but about changing church culture at a foundational level.

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This item: Culture Shift: Transforming Your Church from the Inside Out

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Foreword (Erwin Raphael McManus).


PART ONE: Awakening to Culture.

1. Why Culture Matters.

2. Your Destiny in Seed Form.

3. What You Think Is What You See.

PART TWO: Birthing the Culture.

4. Totems: Identifying Your Church’s Culture.

5. How to Shift Your Church’s Culture.

6. Divine Partnership.

PART THREE: Growing the Culture at New Hope O’ahu.

7. Identifying New Hope’s Totems.

8. Culture Setters.

9. Plug-and-Play Subculture vs. Authentic Culture.

10. Creating and Re-Creating Culture.

PART FOUR: Growing the Culture at Fellowship Bible Church.

11. Identifying Fellowship Bible’s Totems.

12. The Power of a Disciplined Vision.

13. Learning to Spot Opportunity.

14. Courageous Adjustments to Safeguard the Values.

PART FIVE: Advancing the Culture.

15. Irresistible Culture.


Appendix One: Involvement and Satisfaction Survey.

Appendix Two: Sample Pages from a Life Journal.



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