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Culture and Schooling : Building Bridges Between Research, Praxis and Professionalism



Culture and Schooling : Building Bridges Between Research, Praxis and Professionalism

Elwyn Thomas

ISBN: 978-0-471-89788-0 April 2000 332 Pages


The essence of this book is to assist educators to improve eduational practice in the constantly changing cultural contexts of school and society. Cross cultural dimensions such as diversity; uniformity; individualism, and collectivism emerge as key focus areas of discussion. Where possible, bridges are built between relevant cross cultural research on one hand, and its impact on improving learning/teaching, assessment, school and classroom management, schooling and the community on the other. The bridge building is also extended to the methods of how teachers may be trained to meet the challenges of cultural diversity in multicultural classrooms.

The approach of this book is to provide a selective review of relevant research into cross cultural areas and to provide practical suggestions of how this research may improve activities such as teaching and learning. Much use is made of the case study material from both developing and developed societies, and the experience gained by the author of working as a teach educator in Britain and many Asian and African countries. In addition there are case study exemplars from Australia, USA and some Latin American countries, eg Peru and Brazil.

Culture and Schooling: Building Bridges Between Research, Praxis and Professionalism is an essential reseource for Cross Cultural and Educational Psychologists, Teachers, Education Professionals, Child Guidance Specialists and Child Care Professionals working in the classroom environment.
The Role of Culture in Education and Schooling: An Introduction.
The Cultural Dynamics of Learning Processes.
The Cultural Dynamics of Teaching.
Cultural Context and Educational Assessment.
The Cultural Dynamics of School Organisation and Management.
Building Cultural Bridges between Society and School.
Teacher Development and Training for Cultural Diversity.
"This book has distilled a remarkable amount of information about a very broad ranging and complex area." (Debate, No.102 2002)