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Culture and the Child: A Guide for Professionals in Child Care and Development

Culture and the Child: A Guide for Professionals in Child Care and Development

Daphne Keats

ISBN: 978-0-471-96625-8 March 1997 160 Pages


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This, the first book in the Wiley Series in Culture andProfessional Practice, is designed as a practical guide forprofessionals who work with children from differing culturalbackgrounds. It relates cultural differences in development to theproblems and practice of child care with a special contributionfrom cross-cultural psychology. The book includes the main issueswhich professionals are likely to encounter, for example:
* how individual differences in temperament and behaviour interactwith cultural traditions
* how a sense of mixed identity develops and how this conflictaffects many young people in different cultural settings
* how the anxieties and motivations of children are influenced bytheir cultural backgrounds
The book draws upon a theoretical and research base incross-cultural psychology but presents the issues in practicalterms leading to appropriate action. This book is unique with itsfocus on promoting the well-being of the children and those whocare for them. Theory and practice are combined in a convenientvolume intended for everyday use by professionals in the field,including pre-school teachers, child care workers and psychologistsworking with children and adolescents in multiculturalenvironments. Culture and the Child concludes with a discussion ofthe effects of multicultural interaction and cultural change intothe 21st century.
The Role of Culture in Child Development.

Temperamental and Behavioural Differences.

The Family and the Child.

Social Interactions.

The Development of Concepts of Cultural Identity.

Cultural Factors in Children's Motivations and Anxieties.

Multicultural Interaction and Cultural Change.