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Current Protocols in Bioinformatics

Current Protocols in Bioinformatics

Andreas D. Baxevanis (Editor), Daniel B. Davison (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-25093-7 February 2003


Current Protocols in Bioinformatics is the only publication that responds to the need for both a current and updateable source of bioinformatics methodology. This unique publication assures that you have access to a full range of bioinformatics protocols written by globally-recognized experts in the field, and that these proto-cols are updated and revised as new developments and innovations occur.
Chapter 1. Using Biological Databases (Andy Baxevanis).

Chapter 2. Recognizing Functional Domains (Gary Stormo).

Chapter 3. Finding Similarities and Inferring Homologies (Dan Davison).

Chapter 4. Finding Genes (Andy Baxevanis).

Chapter 5. Modeling Structure from Sequence (Gregory Petsko).

Chapter 6. Inferring Evolutionary Relationships (Roderic Page).

Chapter 7. Analyzing Expression Patterns (Andy Baxevanis).

Chapter 8. Analyzing Molecular Interactions (Gregory Petsko).

Chapter 9. Building Biological Databases (Lincoln Stein).

Chapter 10. Assembling Sequences (Lincoln Stein).

Chapter 11. Comparing Large Sequence Sets (Roderic Page).

Chapter 12. Protein Identification from Mass Spectroscopy (Dan Davison).

Chapter 13. Analyzing RNA Sequence and Structure (Gary Stormo).

Appendix 1: User Fundamentals.

Appendix 2. System Administrator Guidelines.