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Current and Emerging Ethical Challenges in Evaluation: New Directions for Evaluation, Number 82

Current and Emerging Ethical Challenges in Evaluation: New Directions for Evaluation, Number 82

Jody L. Fitzpatrick (Editor), Michael Morris (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-94902-0

Jul 1999, Jossey-Bass

103 pages

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With recent developments in the evaluation field such as privatization and mandated outcome-focused evaluation, evaluators today face new and complex ethical challenges regarding stakeholders, the public good, and utility. This volume of New Directions for Evaluation explores how evaluators can avoid, reduce, or resolve the ethical conflicts that arise. The authors offer a cost-benefit approach to exploring the ethics of various research designs and make recommendations for achieving a balance between neutrality and advocacy. They shed light on the ethical challenges evaluators face when collaborating with foundations and communities; working in a culture different from their own; and determining the nature of stakeholder involvement.

This is the 82nd issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Evaluation.

1. Ethics in Disciplines and Professions Related to Evaluation(Jody L. Fitzpatrick)
2. Research on Evaluation Ethics: What Have We Learned and Why Is It Important?(Michael Morris)
3. Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties: A Comparison of Ethics for Internal and External Evaluators(Sandra Mathison)
4. Ethical Challenges in Evaluation with Communities: A Manager's Perspective(David Nee, Maria Mojica)
5. The Ethics of Data Collection and Analysis(Melvin M. Mark, Kristen M. Eyssell, Bernadette Campbell)
6. Ethical Dimensions of Stakeholder Participation and Evaluation Use(Rosalie T. Torres and Hallie Preskill)
7. Education and Training in Evaluation Ethics(Dianna L. Newman)
8. The Ethics of Evaluation Neutrality and Advocacy(Lois-ellin Datta)
9. Ethical Issues in Conducting Evaluation in International Settings(Michael Bamberger)