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Custom CGI Scripting with Perl

Kevin Hanegan

ISBN: 978-0-471-01379-2 March 2002 304 Pages


The only one-stop resource for Web developers and programmers
This book is an indispensable resource for Web developers and programmers who program CGI applications in Perl. It is designed to function as both a comprehensive reference to the fundamentals and a hands-on tutorial with detailed examples on creating and customizing CGI applications for the Web. Readers learn how to set up a server for integrating CGI scripts, how to work with HTTP variables, and other important CGI basics. They get a complete review of all the Perl syntax needed to create CGI programs and learn how to upload and test scripts and how to use libraries effectively.
Overview of CGI.

The CGI Framework.

Installing a CGI Script.

Introduction to Perl.

Using the Print Statement.

Using Variables.

Statements and Conditionals.

Using Subroutines.

Pattern Matching.

File Input and Output.

Working with HTML Forms.

Using Databases.

How Relational Databases Work.

Error Handling.

Debugging Perl Scripts.

Securing Your Perl Script.

Planning Your Script.

Email Response Form.


Flat-file Databases.

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