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Customer Management Excellence: Successful Strategies from Service Leaders



Customer Management Excellence: Successful Strategies from Service Leaders

Mike Faulkner, Steve Hurst (Editor), Adrian Tripp (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85636-9 March 2003 224 Pages


CRM today is much like BPR in the 1990s. It is the strategy of the 21st century. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, but few are doing it in a way that will reap long-term benefits. And while billions are being spent worldwide, as yet there is not one case study of a true CRM focused company that is achieving major business success. Why?
Three years ago Quest Media introduced the National Customer Service Awards. The philosophy was to research, recognise and reward organisations that were pushing the barriers of customer management to new limits. Written by the editor of Customer Management magazine, this book draws on Quest's research to reflect the current thinking behind today's front-runners in the customer management field. The authors challenge accepted thought processes and give realistic timeframes for implementing the innovative thinking that will produce tomorrow's Customer Management Excellence.
* An 'all you need to know about customer management' handbook - draws on the authors' vast experience to help unravel this complex topic
* Provides case studies and examples of organisations that are award-winners in their innovative customer management techniques
* Includes a glossary of terms and checklists to help readers benchmark their own progress in implementing successful customer management


Part I.

Evaluating a customer-centric approach.

Enter the Customer Service Director.

Recognising the cultural needs of a service operation.

The Shift from Call Centre to Contact Centre.

Part II.

Dealing with Lifetime Values.

How to Deal with Unprofitable Customers.

Complaint (Feedback) Management.

Reputation Management.

Managing Expectation.

Part III.

Empowering Customer-Facing Staff.

Service Personnel Adopting the Sales Role.

Caring for your Carers.

The Final Chapter -

6 Case studies featuring main category winners from National Customer Service Awards.

Glossary of Terms.

"… pragmatic, down-to-earth analysis of the key issues involved…" (Marketing Business, February 2003)