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Customer Responsive Management: The Flexible Advantage


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Customer Responsive Management: The Flexible Advantage

Frank Davis Jr., Karl Manrodt

ISBN: 978-1-557-86505-2 December 1996 286 Pages


This book illustrates TQM concepts as they apply to service organizations where a product may or may not be involved. It addresses nine key management areas including cultivating relationships with customers and capacity management.
An Introduction to Customer Responsiveness.

The Evolving Economic Focus: From Conquest to Relationship.

Why Should Organizations Be Responsive?.

Customer Responsiveness is Activity Based.

The Customer-Responsive Model.

Examples of Customer-Responsive Organizations.

The Customer Relationship Management Task.

Delivery Coordination Management Task.

Customer-Responsive Demand Economics.

Customer-Responsive Cost Economics.

Customer-Responsive Pricing.

The Customer-Responsive Organization.

Customer-Responsive Information Infrastructure.

Responsive Relationships.

The Evolving Business Focus: Production to Customer Responsiveness.


* Illustrates how to become more responsive to th needs of individual customers
* Integrates theory from many different disciplines including - management - marketing - informationn systems - economics - law - logistics
* Contains numerous examples