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Customer Service in Health Care: A Grassroots Approach to Creating a Culture of Service Excellence



Customer Service in Health Care: A Grassroots Approach to Creating a Culture of Service Excellence

Kristin Baird

ISBN: 978-1-119-02031-8 July 2014 Jossey-Bass 176 Pages


Research confirms that it is six times more costly to attract anew customer than it is to retain an existing one.

Creating a culture of service excellence requires planning,preparation, and persistence. Customer Service in HealthCare is designed to provide readers with the fundamentalinformation and skills to start or strengthen a customer serviceinitiative within a health care organization. This bookconcentrates on action as opposed to theory. It offers a practical,step-by-step process for creating a culture shift toward customerservice excellence at all levels of an organization, and presentsthe essentials to improving performance that will bring theindividuals closer to the mission, values, and standards.
* Chapters focus on:
* Tools for establishing and measuring customer service teamgoals
* Creating customer service standards unique to yourorganization
* Tips on training sessions
* Strategies for maintaining top-of-mind awareness of customerservice among employees
* Customer service techniques for physicians and nurses
* An overview of customer service as an essential component ofbusiness development and marketing
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About the Author.



Why Customer Service.

Setting Your Course -
Senior Leadership that Takes theWheel.

Championing Buy-In and Ownership -
You Can't Do It Alone.

Where Are You Now? -
Establishing Your Baseline.

Creating Meaningful Standards to Live By.

The Training Sessions -
Getting Everyone on the Same Page.

Keeping the Effort Alive.

Customer Service Pointers for Physicians.

A Message for Nurses.

Measuring Results.

"Cheerful, down-to-earth, and widely experienced, Baird has writtena well-organized, readable book with a can-do message..."(AORN Journal, 6/1/2004, Vol 70, No. 6)

"Read this book for an action-oriented approach..." (TheHealthcare Collaborator, August 2001)"A wonderful guide that every manager can use. Kristin Baird'sadvice helps health care leaders understand the need for greatcustomer satisfaction."
--Stephanie G. Sherman, author, Total CustomerSatisfaction

"Combines the inspiration of 'why to focus' on customer serviceswith the real-life 'how-tos'. An excellent road map for health careleaders that provides direction and milestones in the journeytoward a great customer service!"
--Quint Studer, president, Baptist Hospital, Inc., ofPensacola, FL

"The challenge of creating a thoroughly customer-orientatedculture in a health care organization is so more fundamental thansAnding a few people off to the 'Disneyfied'.... The challenge,however, can be met--as this book demonstrates--ifleadership appreciates the key role of middle managers and, as theauthor so wonderfully says, builds the culture 'from the groundup.' Filled with examples, techniques, and tips, the author comesfrom and speaks to the real world."
--Terrence J. Rynne, president, Rynne Marketing Group, authorof Healthcare Marketing in Transition