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Customize the Brand : Make it more desirable and profitable



Customize the Brand : Make it more desirable and profitable

Torsten H. Nilson

ISBN: 978-0-470-84822-7 November 2002 192 Pages


This book explores the increasingly important topic of brand building within the one-to-one concept. It explains how to achieve what all marketers dream about a product or service customized for each individual customer that is both a good value for the customer and a profitable venture for the producer. It uses practical tools and case studies to show how a company can optimize its brand marketing resources.



The customized brand - introducing the concept.

From the mark of a marker to a symbol of desire, and from mass-market to customization twice over.

Leading the way.

Markets fragment, communication and competition increase, less time, more uncertainty.

We are all different, but not that different - the principles of segmentation.

Find the Big Number.

The 10 steps to a customized brand.

Step 1: know the enemy and the battlefield.

Step 2: know your customers.

Step 3: know thyself.

Step 4: customizing the brand proposition - the foundation for a truly desirable brand.

Step 5: the foundation for sustainable desirability: the product/service package.

Step 6: getting into the customer's hands.

Step 7: the price to pay.

Step 8: from 'interesting' to 'just right for me'.

Step 9: make it move - sales promotion in a customized world.

Step 10: clinching the deal.

A better bottom line.

What does it take?

Conclusions and summary.

"…our new guru…Nilson’s book ranges over a good deal of ground…" (Market Leader, Winter 2002)