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Cyanide Compounds in Biology

Cyanide Compounds in Biology

David Evered (Editor), Sara Harnett (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51371-2 September 2007 272 Pages


Comprises the proceedings of a symposium held at the Ciba Foundation, March 1988. Contributors present an international, interdisciplinary approach to the biology and biological chemistry of cyanide and related compounds. Addressed are the microbial metabolism of HCN and organic nitrile compounds, cyanogenesis in higher plants, qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis of cyanogenic glycosides, and detoxification of hydrogen cyanide by animals.
Partial table of contents:

Cyanide Utilization and Degradation by Microorganisms (C. Knowles).

Microbial Hydrolysis of Organic Nitriles and Amides (K. Ingvorsen, et al.).

The Industrial Potential of Microbial Nitrile Biochemistry (J. Wyatt & E. Linton).

Cyanogenic Glucosides: The Biosynthetic Pathway and the Enzyme System Involved (B. Halkier, et al.).

Localization and Catabolism of Cyanogenic Glycosides (J. Poulton).

Detoxification of Cyanide by Plants and Hormone Action (K. Manning).

Determination of Cyanide and Cyanogenic Compounds in Biological Systems (L. Brimer).

Mammalian Cyanide Detoxification with Sulphane Sulphur (J. Westley).

Nutritional and Biochemical Factors Influencing the Biological Effects of Cyanide (R. Davis, et al.).

The Mechanism of Cyanide Intoxication and Its Antagonism (J. Way, et al.).

Summary (E. Conn).

Index of Contributors.

Subject Index.