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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

John G. Voeller (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-65168-1

Jan 2014

85 pages

Select type: E-Book



Cyber Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering topics related to cyber security metrics and measure  and related technologies that meet security needs. Specific applications to web services, the banking and the finance sector, and industrial process control systems are discussed.

Preface vii

1. Cyber Security Metrics and Measure 1

2. Multilevel Security 9

3. Trusted Platforms: The Root of Security 29

4. Cyber Security Technology Usability and Management 41

5. Security of Distributed, Ubiquitous, and Embedded Computing Platforms 57

6. Advanced Attacker Detection and Understanding with Emerging Honeynet Technologies 69

7. Security of Web Application and Services and Service-Oriented Architectures 79

8. Industrial Process Control System Security 87

9. Cyber Security for the Banking and Finance Sector 97

Index 113