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Cyberpsych Multimedia CD-ROM Version 2.0

Cyberpsych Multimedia CD-ROM Version 2.0

Lorelle J. Burton

ISBN: 978-0-470-81637-0

Oct 2007

160 pages

Select type: DVD

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This CD-ROM contains 50 video clips, 6 video cases and 20 interactive modules to enhance student understanding of the following key introductory psychology concepts:

- Research Methods
- Biological Bases of Mental Life and Behaviour
- Sensation and Perception
- Consciousness
- Learning
- Memory
- Thought and Language
- Intelligence
- Motivation and Emotion
- Personality
- Physical and Cognitive Development
- Social Development
- Health, Stress and Coping
- Psychological Disorders
- Treatment of Psychological Disorders
- Attitudes and Social Cognition
- Interpersonal Processes


  • Ideal for visual learners
  • Self-study quizzes and chapter referenced short answer questions to check your understanding
  • Able to be loaded onto subject websites run on course management systems such as Blackboard or WebCT