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Cyclic Voltammetry: The Complete Guide

Cyclic Voltammetry: The Complete Guide

Rudolf Holze

ISBN: 978-3-527-34031-6

Apr 2020

350 pages

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Completely devoted to this most important technique in electrochemistry, this practical guide covers the fundamentals, explains how to set up experiments, and also shows how to avoid the common pitfalls.
Authored by a well-known and respected electrochemist, this is a must-have for anyone using the method in academic and industrial laboratories, while also serving as a valuable introduction for masters and PhD students entering the field.
A simple experiment: the instruments, the setup, and a first result
Pitfalls for the novice
Theory of linear and cyclic scan voltammetry
A single electron transfer
Single electron transfer coupled with chemical reactions
Multiple electron transfers
Complex mechanisms
The instruments
Electrochemical cells and electrodes
Function generators: Analog and digital voltage sources
Computer-controlled experiments
Evaluation of cyclic voltammograms
Numerical simulation
Pitfalls for advanced users
Appendix: Selected circuit diagrams
Symbols and Acronyms