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Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions, 4th Edition



Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions, 4th Edition

Mervyn Shear, Paul Speight

ISBN: 978-0-470-75972-1 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 240 Pages

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Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions is a seminal text for those working in oral pathology, oral medicine, oral & maxillofacial surgery and radiology. This fourth edition reflects advances in immunohistochemistry, molecular biology and human genetics, which have contributed to the understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, pathology and treatment of these lesions.

This book is a comprehensive treatise on cysts occurring in the oral and maxillofacial regions, covering clinical features, epidemiology, radiology, pathogenesis and pathology.

1. Classification and frequency of cysts of the oral and maxillofacial tissues.

2. Gingival cyst and midpalatal raphé cyst of infants.

3. Odontogenic keratocyst.

4. Dentigerous cyst.

5. Eruption cyst.

6. Gingival cyst of adults, lateral periodontal cyst, botryoid odontogenic cyst.

7. Glandular odontogenic cyst (sialo-odontogenic cyst, mucoepidermoid odontogenic cyst).

8. Calcifying odontogenic cyst (calcifying cystic odontogenic tumour).

9. Nasopalatine duct (incisve canal) cyst.

10. Nasolabial (nasoalveolar) cyst.

11. Radicular cyst and residual cyst.

12. Inflammatory paradental cysts.

13. Aneurysmal bone cyst.

14. Solitary bone cyst (traumatic, simple, haemorrhagic bone cyst).

15. Cysts associated with the maxillary antrum.

16. Cysts of the salivary glands.

17. Developmental cysts of the soft tissues of the mouth, face and neck.

18. Parasitic cysts.


Reviews of this Edition

Cysts of the Oral Regions… remains an indispensable account of our current knowl­edge of this fascinating group of lesions of the jaw and para-oral tissues… All patholo­gists with an interest in the pathology of the oral and max­illo-facial and head and neck region should have a copy.
Oral Oncology, 2007

From Published Reviews of the Previous Edition

The first edition of this commendable book was published in 1976. Since then it has developed into a classical reference book on the subject . . . The book is most valuable for oral and general pathologists, radiologists, oral and general surgeons. general dentists as well as undergraduate and post­graduate students. It is systematicallv organised. which makes it easy to gain access to the information of interest. The author should be congratulated on a most signifi­cant work. I recommend the book to all with an interest in this field.
International Dental Journal

As part of their normal practice, dentists are not infrequently faced with diagnosing and managing patients with cysts of the jaws and oral regions. This book is a comprehensive account of such cysts and covers the clinical and radiographic features, as well as the aetiology, pathogenesis, histology and treatment . . . Overall the detail of the book is such that it is most suited to postgraduate students, as well as being a valuable and detailed reference text for oral and general pathologists and surgeons.
Dental Update

This book will naturally and quite correctly attract great attention. Mervyn Shear has over the years maintained a tremendous interest in this subject. He has not only pub­lished extensively but also contributed significantly to our better understanding and thus better patient management. This text is the third addition but represents a significant advance on previous texts . . . It is difficult to fault this text and certainly a book which all clinicians at all levels will constantly refer. It must be stressed that it is not a surgical manual. It will not give a student a 'one line' answer to the many complex and often incompletely understood aspects of many cysts. Indeed I believe that is the strength of this book: It provides a well documented review of the important literature about most of the controversial areas. The text then allows the reader to make his own mind up for each main type of cyst and divides them into frequency, age, sex, site, clinical presen­tation, radiological features, pathogenesis, pathology and treatments . . . In summary an excellent text book which tackles an important subject with a commanding logic.
P. WARD-BOOTH Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery

  • expanded number of cases
  • enhanced data presentation in the form of tables, figures, clinical photographs, radiographs and photomicrographs.
  • full colour throughout
  • an extensive and up-to-date reference list