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  • Digital Audio Effects (DAFX) covers the use of digital signal processing and its applications to sounds
  • Discusses digital audio effects from both an introductory level, for musicians, and an advanced level, for signal processing engineers
  • Explains what can be done in the digital processing of sounds in the form of computer algorithms and sound examples resulting from these transformations
  • Brings together essential DSP algorithms for sound processing, providing an excellent introduction to the topic

List of Contributors.

Introduction (U. Zölzer).

Filters (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer).

Delays (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer).

Modulators and Demodulators (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer).

Nonlinear Processing (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer).

Spatial Effects (D. Rocchesso).

Time-segment Processing (P. Dutilleux, G. De Poli, U. Zölzer).

Time-frequency Processing (D. Arfib, F. Keiler, U. Zölzer).

Source-Filter Processing (D. Arfib, F. Keiler, U. Zölzer).

Spectral Processing (X. Amatriain, J. Bonada, A. Loscos, X. Serra).

Time and Frequency Warping Musical Signals (G. Evangelista).

Control of Digital Audio Effects (T. Todoroff).

Bitstream Signal Processing (M. Sandler, U. Zölzer).



"...presents the main fields of digital audio effects..." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2002)