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Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing

Ramesh C. Chandan (Editor), Arun Kilara (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-813-81746-0 March 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 604 Pages


The objective of this book is to provide a single reference source for those working with dairy-based ingredients, offering a comprehensive and practical account of the various dairy ingredients commonly used in food processing operations. The Editors have assembled a team of 25 authors from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, representing a full range of international expertise from academic, industrial, and government research backgrounds.

After introductory chapters which present the chemical, physical, functional and microbiological characteristics of dairy ingredients, the book addresses the technology associated with the manufacture of the major dairy ingredients, focusing on those parameters that affect their performance and functionality in food systems. The popular applications of dairy ingredients in the manufacture of food products such as dairy foods, bakery products, processed cheeses, processed meats, chocolate as well as confectionery products, functional foods, and infant and adult nutritional products, are covered in some detail in subsequent chapters. Topics are presented in a logical and accessible style in order to enhance the usefulness of the book as a reference volume.

It is hoped that Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing will be a valuable resource for members of academia engaged in teaching and research in food science; regulatory personnel; food equipment manufacturers; and technical specialists engaged in the manufacture and use of dairy ingredients.

Special features:

  • Contemporary description of dairy ingredients commonly used in food processing operations
  • Focus on applications of dairy ingredients in various food products
  • Aimed at food professionals in R&D, QA/QC, manufacturing and management
  • World-wide expertise from over 20 noted experts in academe and industry

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Contributors vii

Preface xi

1. Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing: An Overview 3
Ramesh C. Chandan

2. Chemical, Physical, and Functional Characteristics of Dairy Ingredients 35
Stephanie R. Pritchard and Kasipathy Kailasapathy

3. Microbiological Aspects of Dairy Ingredients 59
Michael Rowe and John Donaghy

4. Processing Principles of Dairy Ingredients 103
Arun Kilara

5. Concentrated Fluid Milk Ingredients 123
Nana Y. Farkye and Shakeel ur-Rehman

6. Dry Milk Ingredients 141
Mary Ann Augustin and Phillip Terence Clarke

7. Casein, Caseinates, and Milk Protein Concentrates 161
Mary Ann Augustin, Christine M. Oliver, and Yacine Hemar

8. Whey-based Ingredients 179
Lee M. Huffman and Lilian de Barros Ferreira

9. Butter and Butter Products 199
Anna M. Fearon

10. Principles of Cheese Technology 225
Ramesh C. Chandan and Rohit Kapoor

11. Manufacturing Outlines and Applications of Selected Cheese Varieties 267
Ramesh C. Chandan and Rohit Kapoor

12. Enzyme-modifi ed Dairy Ingredients 317
Arun Kilara and Ramesh C. Chandan

13. Fermented Dairy Ingredients 335
Junus Salampessy and Kasipathy Kailasapathy

14. Functional Ingredients from Dairy Fermentations 357
Ebenezer R. Vedamuthu

15. Dairy-based Ingredients: Regulatory Aspects 375
Dilip A. Patel

16. Nutritive and Health Attributes of Dairy Ingredients 387
Ramesh C. Chandan

17. Dairy Ingredients in Dairy Food Processing 421
Tonya C. Schoenfuss and Ramesh C. Chandan

18. Dairy Ingredients in Bakery, Snacks, Sauces, Dressings, Processed Meats, and Functional Foods 473
Ramesh C. Chandan

19. Dairy Ingredients in Chocolate and Confectionery Products 501
Jorge Bouzas and Steven Hess

20. Dairy Ingredients in Infant and Adult Nutrition Products 515
Jeffrey Baxter, Steven Dimler, and Nagendra Rangavajala

Index 533

"This book describes various dairy ingredients that are commonly used in food processing. It is intended for use by professionals engaged in management, research and development, quality assurance and manufacturing operations within the food industry." (International Food Information Service, 13 December 2010)