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Dairy Science and Technology Handbook: Volume I, II, & III

Dairy Science and Technology Handbook: Volume I, II, & III

Y. H. Hui (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18797-4

Nov 1992

1304 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Written by renowned dairy experts with diversified backgrounds and exper this extremely useful three-volume set offers a thorough account of the and technology of processing dairy products.
Volume I presents basic information on new research data and advances in mportant properties and applications of milk and dairy ingredients.
Volume II discusses procedures and new advances in the manufacture technology for yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and dry and concentrated dairy products, as well as the microbiology and associated health hazards for dairy products.
Volume III offers a unique exploration of five topics not commonly found in professional reference books for dairy manufacture, including quality assurance, biotechnology, and computer applications.
Volumes I and III also include thorough appendices of dairy industry companies with contact data and specify the products and services they provide.
From the Contents:
Volume I:Principles and Properties: Chemistry and Physics;
Sensory Evaluation of Dairy Products;
Functional Properties of Milk Proteins;

Volume II: Product Manufacturing: Yogurt;
Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts;
Concentrated and Dried Dairy Products;
Dairy Microbiology and Safety.

Volume III: Applications Science, Technology, and Engineering: Quality Assurance and Dairy Processing;
Biotechnology of Dairy Starter Cultures;
Computer Applications and Expert Systems;
Dairy Equipment and Supplies;
Engineering: Plant Design, Processing, and Packaging;