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Dangerous Waters: Strategies for Improving Wellbeing at Work

Dangerous Waters: Strategies for Improving Wellbeing at Work

Stephen Williams, Lesley Cooper

ISBN: 978-0-471-98265-4 July 1999 240 Pages


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Global competitive pressures and a relentless drive for productivity and profitability improvement are features of virtually all modern organisations. Staying in front requires a faster and smarter performance each year, with continuous improvement in all commercial activities a constant requirement for business success. Yet employees, who ultimately turn business plans into profit reality, are themselves under more pressure than ever before. Social, domestic and economic responsibilities place growing and conflicting demands on limited time. Physical ill health and damaged wellbeing are frequently the largely invisible result, with huge competitive and financial implications for the companies who employ these workers. Health has moved from welfare to a wealth issue. The effective management of employee health and wellbeing is therefore set to become a point of differentiation for companies who need to go on delighting their customers and shareholders alike.

This book is a guide through "dangerous waters". It is written to help you understand the real commercial benefits of improving employee wellbeing and how, if this area is neglected it can, despite all the information systems, all the forecasting skills and all the business acumen, sink the organisation. In addition, the authors assert that it is companies who recognise and proactively manage these very real threats in order to improve employee health and wellbeing, who will unleash the enormous potential for increased productivity, profitability and creativity that lies within each one of their employees. Dangerous Waters provides:
* A practical guide for managers in gaining an understanding the extent and true cost of current employee ill health
* Clear guidelines on building towards a strategy for corporate health and therefore corporate wealth improvement
* An integrated approach to the management of attendance, quality, innovation and customer service
No manager, be they Chief Executive, Human Resources, Senior or Line can afford to miss the message of this book.
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Why We Need a Strategy for Health and Wellbeing.

Wellbeing in the Changing World.

The True Cost of Employee Ill Health.

Building a Strategy for Health.

Organisational Health Dynamics.

Improving Individual Health.

Improving the Visible Health Issues -- Managing Attendance.

Improving the Hidden Health Issues.

Introducing Wellbeing Initiatives.

Making a Difference -- From Strategy to Action.

Bibliography and Further Reading.