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Danto and His Critics, 2nd Edition



Danto and His Critics, 2nd Edition

Mark Rollins (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-25298-7 February 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 344 Pages

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Updated and revised, the Second Edition of Danto and His Critics presents a series of essays by leading Danto scholars who offer their critical assessment of the influential works and ideas of Arthur C. Danto, the Johnsonian Professor Emeritus in the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University and long-time art critic for The Nation.

  • Reflects Danto's revisions in his theory of art, reworking his views in ways that have not been systematically addressed elsewhere
  • Features essays that critically assess the changes in Danto's thoughts and locate Danto's revised theory in the larger context of his work and of aesthetics generally
  • Speaks in original ways to the relation of Danto's philosophy of art to his theory of mind
  • Connects and integrates Danto's ideas on the nature of knowledge, action, aesthetics, history, and mind, as well as his provocative thoughts on the philosophy of art for the reader
Notes on Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xi

Selected Bibliography of the Works of Arthur Danto xiii

Introduction 1
Mark Rollins

Part I System and Method 13

1 Danto as Systematic Philosopher, or Comme on lit Danto en francais 15
David Carrier

2 Danto's Gallery of Indiscernibles 30
Richard Wollheim

Part II Intention and Interpretation 41

3 The Invisible Content of Visual Art 43
Mark Rollins

4 Deja vu All Over Again: How Danto's Aesthetics Recapitulates the Philosophy of Mind 55
Jerry A. Fodor

5 Surface and Deep Interpretation 69
Peg Brand and Myles Brand

6 "Other Pictures We Look at, – His Prints We Read": Danto Reading Lamb Reading Hogarth on the Art of the Commonplace 84
Lydia Goehr

Part III Philosophy of Art 109

7 A Tale of Two Artworlds 111
George Dickie

8 Essence, Expression, and History: Arthur Danto’s Philosophy of Art 118
Noel Carroll

9 Danto's New Definition of Art and the Problem of Art Theories 146
Noel Carroll

10 Danto and Kant: Together at Last? 153
Diarmuid Costello

11 Atomism, Art, and Arthur: Danto's Hegelian Turn 172
Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins

Kathleen M. Higgins

Part IV Historical Knowledge 197

12 Art and Its Doubles: Danto, Foucault, and Their Simulacra Postscript 199
Gary Shapiro

13 The Beginning of the End: Danto on Postmodernism 215
Daniel Herwitz

14 Danto's Aesthetic: Is It Truly General As He Claims? 232
David Carrier

Part V What Philosophy Is 249

15 Art as Religion: Transfigurations of Danto's Dao 251
Richard Shusterman

16 Looking Beyond the Visible: The Case of Arthur Dantwo 267
Carlin Romano

Part VI Responses 283

17 Replies to Essays 285
Arthur C. Danto

Afterword: Not by a Soap Box but First by a Kiss 313
Arthur C. Danto

Index 317

“Highly recommended.  Upper-level undergraduates through researchers/faculty.  (Choice, 1 February 2013)