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Data, Insight and Strategy: Analytics for Finance Professionals

Data, Insight and Strategy: Analytics for Finance Professionals

Aubrey Joachim

ISBN: 978-1-118-36018-7

Sep 2020

256 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Drive key financial decisions and strategies with data analysis

Data, Insight, and Strategy: Analytics for Finance Professionals offers a rare level of insight into the practice of data analytics, and is specifically tailored to the interests and priorities of accountants and financial professionals. This in-depth guide spotlights methods for making use of analytics to transform your approach into a proactive, forward-thinking methodology that makes use of data to support financial decisions and the development of key financial strategies. Business analytics is transforming how businesses operate, and financial professionals are uniquely positioned to leverage actionable insights that can drive profits and ensure that their companies survive and thrive.

The use of analytics and data in new facets of business is becoming increasingly important to the survival and success of today's companies. Leveraging data to make financial management decisions is a relatively new approach, and its effectiveness has resulted in a shift in thinking by many leading professionals. Instead of serving as a financial scorekeeper, you can use data to become a value-adding partner of your business.

  • Understand how business analytics is changing the professional landscape
  • Discover how to leverage the insight that data holds in a way that benefits your business
  • Utilise your unique business perspective to comprehend and use data to drive profits
  • Become a key contributor to the success of your company's data analysis initiatives

Data, Insight, and Strategy: Analytics for Finance Professionals will provide invaluable insight for finance professionals ready to transform their profession and their role to become direct contributors to their organisation's strategy and profits.

Part 1: Analytics – the tool for next generation management

• Chapter 1 – The development of analytics as a power-tool
• Chapter 2 – Analytics as a driver of business performance
• Chapter 3 – The future of analytics in a dynamic world

Part 2: The changing role of the finance function

• Chapter 4 – The traditional role of finance in organisations
• Chapter 5 – Finance as a business performance management function
• Chapter 6 – The emerging value adding role of finance

Part 3: Applying management accounting tools in the context of analytics

• Chapter 7 – Exploring the management accounting toolset
• Chapter 8 – Embedding analytics and analytical techniques within management accounting
• Chapter 9 – The future of management accounting in organisations

Part 4: Transforming finance and business processes using analytics

• Chapter 10 – From resources to results – the analytical journey
• Chapter 11 – How analytics can enhance financial reporting
• Chapter 12 – Embedding analytics in organizational strategy
• Chapter 13 – Enhancing budgeting and forecasting using analytics
• Chapter 14 – Organisational performance management using analytics

Part 5: Transforming the finance professional

• Chapter 15 – The DNA of the finance professional
• Chapter 16 – Competencies for transforming finance
• Chapter 17 – Next generation finance professionals