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Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Smart Sensors

Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Smart Sensors

Nikolay V. Kirianaki, Sergey Y. Yurish, Nestor O. Shpak, Vadim P. Deynega

ISBN: 978-0-470-84610-0 April 2002 298 Pages


From simple thermistors to intelligent silicon microdevices with powerful capabilities to communicate information across networks, sensors play an important role in such diverse fields as biomedical and chemical engineering to wireless communications. Introducing a new dependent count method for frequency signal processing, this book presents a practical approach to the design of signal processing sensors.
Modern advanced microsensors technologies require new and equally advanced methods of frequency signal processing in order to function at inreasingly high speeds. The authors provide a comprehensive overview of data acquisition and signal processing methods for the new generation of smart and quasi-smart sensors. The practical approach of the text includes coverage of the design of signal processing methods for digital, frequency, period, duty-cycle and time interval sensors.
* Contains numerous practical examples illustrating the design of unique signal processing sensors and transducers
* Details traditional, novel, and state of the art methods for frequency signal processing
* Coverage of the physical characteristics of smart sensors, development methods and applications potential
* Outlines the concept, principles and nature of the method of dependent count (MDC) ; a unique method for frequency signal processing, developed by the authors
This text is a leading edge resource for measurement engineers, researchers and developers working in microsensors, MEMS and microsystems, as well as advanced undergraduates and graduates in electrical and mechanical engineering.

List of Abbreviations and Symbols.


Smart Sensors for Electrical and Non-Electrical, Physical and Chemical Variables: Tendencies and Perspectives.

Converters for Different Variables to Frequency-Time Parameters of the Electric Signal.

Data Acquisition Methods for Multichannel Sensor Systems.

Methods of Frequency-to-Code Conversion.

Advanced and Self-Adapting Methods of Frequency-to-Code Conversion.

Signal Processing in Quasi-Digital Smart Sensors.

Digital Output Smart Sensors with Software-Controlled Performances and Functional Capabilities.

Multichannel Intelligent and Virtual Sensor Systems.

Smart Sensor Design at Software Level.

Smart Sensor Buses and Interface Circuits.

Future Directions.


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"...this book provides a good basis for anyone entering or studying the field of smart sensors...not only...for the inexperienced...but also...very useful to those with some experience." (IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, December 2002)