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Data Analysis: An Introduction

Data Analysis: An Introduction

Bryan Nolan

ISBN: 978-0-745-61145-7

Jun 1994, Polity

382 pages

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This is an introductory textbook in data analysis and statistics, designed for students in the first year of a social sciences degree.
1. Introduction and Overview.

2. The Minitab Package.

3. Looking at Data.

4. Level and Spread.

5. Exploratory Data Analysis of Two Data Sets.

6. Two Variables, Correlation, Cause and Effect.

7. Fitting a Straight Line to Data.

8. Linear Transformations.

9. The Gaussian or Normal Distribution.

10. Using Standard Normal Tables.

11. The Chi Square Test.


Appendix 1.

Appendix 2.



'The first part of the book dealing with descriptive data analysis would stand on its own as an excellent teaching aid for use with MINITAB.' The Statistician
* This is a basic introductory textbook in data analysis and statistics, written in a clear, accessible and jargon free style for students and assuming no knowledge of mathematics.
* Statistical techniques are introduced gradually and then the computer package - MINITAB - is introduced.
* The student therefore learns to understand the computer package which makes its use much more effective.
* This is a short book unlike most books on statistics which are large, heavy and expensive.
* The author has taught statistics for over 15 years to undergraduates and graduates whose comments have led to the development of this book.