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Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry

Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry

Laura B. Madsen

ISBN: 978-1-118-97389-9 September 2014 224 Pages




Healthcare is changing, and data is the catalyst

Data is taking over in a powerful way, and it's revolutionizing the healthcare industry. You have more data available than ever before, and applying the right analytics can spur growth. Benefits extend to patients, providers, and board members, and the technology can make centralized patient management a reality. Despite the potential for growth, many in the industry and government are questioning the value of data in health care, wondering if it's worth the investment.

Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry tackles the issue and proves why BI is not only worth it, but necessary for industry advancement. Healthcare BI guru Laura Madsen challenges the notion that data have little value in healthcare, and shows how BI can ease regulatory reporting pressures and streamline the entire system as it evolves. Madsen illustrates how a data-driven organization is created, and how it can transform the industry.

  • Learn why BI is a boon to providers
  • Create powerful infographics to communicate data more effectively
  • Find out how Big Data has transformed other industries, and how it applies to healthcare

Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry provides tables, checklists, and forms that allow you to take immediate action in implementing BI in your organization. You can't afford to be behind the curve. The industry is moving on, with or without you. Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry is your guide to utilizing data to advance your operation in an industry where data-fueled growth will be the new norm.

Foreword xiii

For the Skimmers xv

Acknowledgments xvii

Chapter 1 What Does Data Mean to You? 1

The Gap 3

Data Is a Four-Letter Word 5

Strengths 6

Weaknesses 6

Opportunities 7

Threats 7

Setting the Stage 8

Is This Book for You? 10

References 10

Chapter 2 What Happens When You Use Data to Transform an Industry? 13

The History of Change 15

On the Brink 17

What Is “Data Driven,” and Why Does It Matter? 18

Management and Measurement 20

Planning the Approach 21


Reduce the Unknowns 23

Identify the Alternatives 24

Streamline the Standards 24

Evaluate the Activities 25

Change Mechanisms of RISE 25

Revolution 27

References 27

Chapter 3 How the Lack of Data Standardization Impedes Data-Driven Healthcare 29

Healthcare Data Complexity 30

Moving Data 31

Data Is Your Asset—Manage It That Way 32

Standards . . . Because Everyone Else Has Them 34

Pareto’s Principle 38

The Great Wall of Data 39

References 40

Note 40

Chapter 4 Adopting Your Data Warehouse for the

Next Step in BI Maturity 41

Go Boldly 43

Disruptive Technologies 43

Hadoop, the Cloud, and Modern Data Platforms 44

The New Way Forward 46

Reduce the Unknowns 48

Identify the Alternatives 48

Standardize 48

Evaluate and Improve 49

The Future Is Now 51

Chapter 5 Creating a Data-Driven Healthcare Organization 55

IT or the Business? 58

Training 61

What and How Should We Teach? 61

Governing Data for Our New MDP 63

Chapter 6 Applying “Big Data” to Change Healthcare 67

The Call of Big Data 70

Evolve or Die 72

Let’s Organize This and Take All the Fun Out of It 73

Dipping Your Big Toe into Big Data 75

References 76

Chapter 7 Making Data Consumable 77

How We Present Information Matters 78

When We Present the Information Matters, Too 80

Why Do We Want to Visually Represent Our Data? 81

Learning a New Language 83

A Multimedia Approach to Consumable Data 84

References 87

Chapter 8 Data Privacy and Confi dentiality: A Brave

New World 89

Who Owns the Data? 91

Barriers Are Everywhere 93

Process and Technology 94

Reference 95

Chapter 9 A Call to Action 97

Applying RISE to Your Efforts 100

Some Distinctions about Being New 101

Getting Started 102

You Know What They Say about Assuming 104

What Does Data Mean to You? 104

Transforming an Industry 105

Data Standardization 105

The Next Step in BI Maturity 106

Creating the DDHO 107

“Big Data” 107

Make Your Data Consumable 108

Privacy and Confi dentiality 109

Final Thoughts on Data-Driven Healthcare 109

Appendix A Readiness for Change 111

Appendix B Tenets of Healthcare BI 115

Appendix C Estimating the Efforts 135

Appendix D Business Metrics 139

Appendix E Agenda | Company Name | JAD Session 169

Appendix F Data Visualization Guide 173

Afterword 181

About the Author 187

Index 189