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Dazzling Division: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun



Dazzling Division: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun

Lynette Long

ISBN: 978-0-471-36983-7 September 2000 128 Pages


Don't Just Learn Division . Master It! Brimming with fun and educational games and activities, the Magical Math series provides everything you need to know to become a master of mathematics! In each of these books, Lynette Long uses her own unique style to help you truly understand mathematical concepts as you play with everyday objects such as playing cards, dice, coins, paper, and pencil. Inside Dazzling Division, you'll learn the basics of division and then quickly begin to solve division problems. You'll find out what divisors, dividends, and quotients are and how to look at division as simply putting items into groups. Once you've grasped these basics, you'll practice your skills with such fun games and activities as Division Tic-Tac-Toe, Off to the Races, and Three-in-a-Row Bingo. Finally, you can move on to become truly dazzling at division by mastering the mysteries of remainders, prime numbers, and long division while playing Prime Mania and Shout It Out! So why wait? Jump right in and find out how easy it is to become a mathematics master!
I. The Magic of Division

1 Anatomy of a Division Problem

2 Division as Grouping

3 Division as Repeated Subtraction

4 Division as the Opposite of Multiplication

II. Understanding Division Facts

5 Fun One!

6 It's All in the Eyes

7 Division Circles

8 Number Line Fours

9 Nickel Mania

10 Subtracting Sixes

11 Calculating Sevens

12 Opposite Eights

13 Nine and Easy Nines

14 Erasing Zeros

15 Dividing by Zero

III. Division Practice Games

16 Division Tic-Tac-Toe

17 Split Second

18 Division Search

19 Off to the Races

20 Division Memory

21 Three-in-a-Row Bingo

22 Egg Carton Division

23 Answer Up!

24 Mystery Number

25 Division Scabble

26 Divisor Here!

IV. Becoming Dazzling at Division

27 Flip-Flop

28 Whoops! Something's Left?

29 Lip and Down

30 Solving Long Division Problems

31 Three-Minute Long Division

32 Checking Division Problems

33 Check It Out!

34 Ten-Second Guess Division

35 Daring Divisibility

36 Prime!

37 Prime Mania

38 Back and Forth

39 Shout It Out!

40 Word Problems

Division Master Certificate