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Decision Analysis: An Integrated Approach

Andrew Lang Golub

ISBN: 978-0-471-15511-9 January 1997 256 Pages


A practical, non-calculus-based book on decision analysis for business and public policy. It includes a balanced presentation of quantitative and qualitative techniques, and integrates the use of a leading decision analysis software—DPL—throughout.

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The Context of Decision Making.

Problem Definition and Structuring.

Identifying Objectives and Creating a Value Tree.

Identifying Alternatives and Creativity.

Forecasting and Subjective Assessment.

Comparing Alternatives and Utility Theory.

Selection and Sensitivity Analysis.


  • A short, practical, non-calculus-based text on decision analysis for business, and public policy and other professional programs.
  • Techniques from economics, probability and cognitive psychology are presented as part of a step-by-step approach to making good decisions.
  • The use of computers is presented throughout as an integral part of the decision making process serving to maintain information and perform calculations.