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Decision Management: How to Assure Better Decisions in Your Company



Decision Management: How to Assure Better Decisions in Your Company

J. Frank Yates

ISBN: 978-0-787-96674-4 February 2003 Jossey-Bass 256 Pages


Why do the people in some companies continually dazzle us with their brilliant decisions while those in others make one blunder after another? Do they understand their businesses better? Are they just plain smarter? Or is it all a matter of luck? The answer, says J. Frank Yates, is none of the above. The real key, rarely recognized, is how the leaders manage the company's decision processes—the leaders' decision management practices. Drawing on his thirty years of research and experience as well as scholarship from psychology, economics, statistics, strategy, medicine, and other fields to explain the fundamental nature of business decision problems, Yates highlights the ten cardinal decision issues crucial to managing the decision-making process—and ultimately better company decisions. He covers problems ranging from recognizing whether a decision is actually called for to assuring that a preferred course of action will be implemented. He shows how solid decisions result when managers ensure that deciders resolve every cardinal issue effectively for every decision problem facing the company. He also reveals how, conversely, chronically poor decisions are traceable to managers allowing—or even creating—conditions that encourage deciders to fall short in how they address at least one of those critical issues.
Series Foreword.


1. The Art of Decision Management.

2. "What Is a Decision?" and Other Fundamentals.

3. Deciding to Decide: The Need Issue.

4. Determining the Means for Deciding: The Mode and Investment Issues.

5. Prospecting for Solutions: The Options Issue.

6. Anticipating Outcomes: The Possibilities and Judgment Issues.

7. Accounting for Taste: The Value and Tradeoffs Issues.

8. Ensuring Smooth Sailing: The Acceptability and Implementation Issues.

9. Starting and Sustaining Decision Management Improvement Efforts.


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