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Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Continental Margins and Paleoenvironment

Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Continental Margins and Paleoenvironment

Manik Talwani (Editor), William Hay (Editor), William B. F. Ryan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66583-1 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 437 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Maurice Ewing Series, Volume 3.

The second Maurice Ewing Symposium was devoted to the implications of deep drilling results in the Atlantic Ocean. This subject was chosen for two reasons. First, Maurice Ewing was one of the leaders of JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions For Deep Earth Sampling), the association of oceanographic institutions that was formed to organize and sponsor drilling in the deep ocean, and which has continued to provide scientific advice to the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Second, the first phase of International Program of Ocean Drilling in the Atlantic was finished and it seemed a good time to assess the implications of drilling results in the Atlantic that had been obtained over almost a decade.

Preface v

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sedimentary Formations of the North American Basin; Western North Atlantic
L. F. Jansa, P. Enos, B. E. T'ucholke, F. M. Gradstein and R. E. Sheridan 1

Seismic Stratigraphy, Lithostratigraphy and Paleosedimentation Patterns in the North American Basin,
B. E. Tucholke and G. S. Mountain 58

Evolution of the Atlantic Continental Margin of the United States,
D. W Folger, W P. Dillon, I. A. Grow, K. D. Klitgord, and J. S. Schlee 87

Stratigraphic Evolution of the Blake Plateau After a Decade of Scientific Drilling
Robert E. Sheridan and Paul Enos 109

Maestrichtian-Campanian Nannofloral Provinces of the Southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans
Frank H. Wind 123

The Northwestern Iberian Margin: A Cretaceous Passive Margin Deformed During Eocene
G. Boillot, I. Auxietre, J. Dunand, P. Dttpeuble and A. Mauffret 138

Northeast Atlantic Passive Continental Margins: Rifting and Subsidence Processes
L. Montadert, O. de Chapel, D. Roberts, P. Guennoc and J. Sibttet 154

Geodynamic, Sedimentary and Volcanic Evolution of the Cape Bojador Continental Margin (NW Africa),
Ulrich von Rad and Michael A. Arthur 187

Seismic Reflection Reconnaissance of the Atlantic Margin of Morocco
Joel S. Watkins and K. W Hoppe 205

Subsidence and Eustasy at the Continental Margin of Eastern North America
A. B. Watts and M. S. Steckler 218

A Quantitative Analysis of Some Factors Affecting Carbonate Sedimentation in the Oceans
I. G. Sclater, E. Boyle and J. M. Edlnond 235

Paleoceanographic Implications of Organic Carbon and Carbonate Distribution in Mesozoic Deepsea
H. R. Tlderstein 249

History of the North Atlantic Ocean: Evolution of an Asymmetric Zonal Paleo-Environment in a
Latitudinal Ocean Basin
Jorn Thiede 275

Impact of Deep-Sea Drilling on Paleoceanography
W H. Berger 297

Silica Diagenesis in the Atlantic Ocean: Diagenetic Potential and Transformations
Volkher Riech and Ulrich von Rad 315

North Atlantic Clay Sedimentation and Paleoenvironment Since the Late Jurassic
Herve Ghalnley 342

Organic Matter in Cretaceous Sediments of the North Atlantic: Contribution to Sedimentology and
Paleogeography, B. Tissot, G. Deroo and J. P. Herbin 362

Carbonaceous Sediments in the North and South Atlantic: The Role of Salinity in Stable Stratification of
Early Cretaceous Basins
Michael A. Arthur and James H. Natland 375

Lacustrine and Hypersaline Deposits in the Desiccated Mediterranean and their Bearing on Paleoenvironment and Paleo-Ecology
Marie Bianca Gita 402

Sedimentary Origin of North Atlantic Cretaceous Palynofacies
Dardel Habib 420