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Delinquency and Young Offenders

Delinquency and Young Offenders

Clive R. Hollin, Deborah Browne, Emma J. Palmer

ISBN: 978-1-854-33357-5

Jul 2002, Wiley-Blackwell

68 pages

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Including chapters on current methodology in reducing delinquency, families in relation to delinquency and advances in working with delinquents, this book offers a clear insight into this complex area whilst offering practical problem-solving advice.

Part I: What Do We Know About Effective Work to Reduce Delinquency?.

1. Meta-Analyses: An Overview.

2. Elements of Successful Work With Delinquents.

3. The Importance of Treatment Integrity.

Part II: Families and Delinquency:.

4. Family Factors and Delinquent Behaviour.

5. Foster Families and delinquency.

6. Familial Abuse and delinquency.

7. Working With Parents and Children.

Part III: Advances in Working With Delinquents:.

8. The Role of Social Cognition in Delinquency.

9. Moral Maturity and Delinquent Behaviour.

10. Working With Cognition.

11. Linking Advances to What Works.

Concluding Thoughts.


"Some of these [books in the PACTS series 2] are quite outstanding guides for practitioners, full of practical steps to take and worldly wisdom as well as good theretical grounding ... Overall I would recommend that this series is present for anybody working with adolescents, as they provide a very useful guide for trainees to get stuck in with treatment." Stephen Scott, Institute of Psychiatry, London, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Volume 9, No. 2, 2004, pp 92-96 <!--end-->