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Delivering Internet Connections over Cable: Breaking the Access Barrier



Delivering Internet Connections over Cable: Breaking the Access Barrier

Mark E. Laubach, David J. Farber, Stephen D. Dukes

ISBN: 978-0-471-43802-1 March 2002 336 Pages


An inside look at high-speed access written for the cable industry
Cable modems have emerged as a leading consumer choice for high-speed Internet access, outpacing alternatives such as digital subscriber lines, but not without raising issues about quality of service and controversy about open access. Providing an objective review of residential broadband and cable television networking, this book will be of great use for professionals who are integrating cable into their networks or service offerings. The authors compare cable access systems to competing technologies and discuss the increasingly difficult issues confronting each. Readers will also find coverage of the hottest areas in the field including high-speed data and packet voice standards, managing the "always-on" connection, and security and privacy risks.
Networking Council Foreword.




Cable Television Network Topology.

Elements of Cable Modem Style.

Internet Services over Cable.

The DOCSIS Project.

PacketCable Overview.

Not Your Grandparent's Ethernet.

Open Access over Cable.

The Vulnerability of the Home Computer Caused by the Always-on Connection.

Leading-Edge Topics in Broadband Communications.

Converging Video, Voice, and High-Speed Data.