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Dementia: Metamorphosis in Care



Dementia: Metamorphosis in Care

Claire Biernacki

ISBN: 978-0-470-31909-3 April 2007 216 Pages


Our perceptions of dementia and what dementia care should constitute have changed dramatically over the past 20 years.  Research has uncovered a mass of information concerning all aspects of dementia. This wealth of information should be reflected in a dramatic change, indeed a metamorphosis, in the way people with dementia are cared for. No such change has occurred.

Dementia - Metamorphosis in Care will address the need for change and provide practitioners with a means of understanding why adhering to the old model – the medical approach – can be damaging in current care settings. Practitioners are advised on what is needed from them in order that they can positively influence the lives of those living with dementia. The importance of the role of professional carer and the responsibility they carry regarding whether or not care improves, is underlined throughout the book.

1 Dementia in context.

2 Impetus for change.

3 A new model of care.

4 Whose diagnosis is it?

5 Perspectives on the experience of dementia.

6 Issues in communication.

7 Putting quality into a life lived with dementia.

8 Getting the most from drug treatment.

9 Growing old and dying with dementia.

10 Moving forward.