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Dementia For Dummies - UK, UK Edition

Dementia For Dummies - UK, UK Edition

Simon Atkins

ISBN: 978-1-118-92470-9

Jan 2015

352 pages



Your hands-on guide to dealing with dementia within the UK healthcare system

If a loved one has recently been diagnosed with dementia, Dementia For Dummies, UK Edition provides trusted, no-nonsense guidance on what this may mean for you and your family. You'll get an understanding of the symptoms of dementia, make sense of the stages of the illness and grasp the differences between the various types of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.

Dementia is an increasingly common condition that can have a significant impact on family life. Each person diagnosed is unique, and your loved one's symptoms can range from loss of memory to mood changes to communication problems and beyond. This sensitive, authoritative guide walks you through the different scenarios you may encounter as a family member or carer and explains step-by-step how you can keep your loved one as safe and as comfortable as possible—no matter how severe their symptoms are.

  • Gives you the straight facts on dementia
  • Covers the symptoms, causes and risk factors of dementia
  • Helps identify and address the fears as you face a diagnosis
  • Provides carers and family members with the information needed to help manage the illness

If you're looking for support as you adjust to caring for a loved one with dementia, Dementia For Dummies helps make it easier.

Introduction 1

Part I: Could It Be Dementia? 5

Chapter 1: Checking Out the Facts on Dementia 7

Chapter 2: Spotting the Symptoms 21

Chapter 3: Looking at the Different Types of Dementia 35

Chapter 4: Considering Causes and Risk Factors 55

Chapter 5: Understanding the Stages of Dementia 71

Part II: Helping Someone Manage the Illness 81

Chapter 6: Getting a Diagnosis 83

Chapter 7: Medical Treatments in Dementia 101

Chapter 8: Considering Non-Medical Treatment 113

Chapter 9: Dealing with Troublesome Symptoms in Late Dementia 129

Part III: Providing Care for Your Loved One 147

Chapter 10: Recognising the Challenges Ahead 149

Chapter 11: Making Caring Easier 161

Chapter 12: Coping with Caring 181

Chapter 13: Sourcing Help: Working Your Way Around the System 199

Chapter 14: Sorting Out Benefits 209

Chapter 15: Addressing Legal Issues 219

Part IV: Sorting Out Domiciliary and Longer-Term Care 233

Chapter 16: Choosing Ongoing Care for Your Loved One 235

Chapter 17: Receiving Assistance from the State 249

Chapter 18: Helping the Care Home 257

Chapter 19: Knowing What to Do If the Person with Dementia Goes into Hospital 269

Chapter 20: Planning for the End of Someone’s Life 279

Part V: The Part of Tens 289

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Dealing with Dementia 291

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Caregivers, Friends and Families 297

Chapter 23: Busting Ten Myths about Dementia 303

Appendix A: Useful Contacts and Resources 309

Appendix B: ACE III Exam 313

Index 321