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Democracy, Education, and the Schools

Democracy, Education, and the Schools

Roger Soder

ISBN: 978-0-787-90166-0

Nov 1995, Jossey-Bass

320 pages

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Scores of democracy books have appeared in the last few years, but none so illuminating of the essential connections between democracy and education as this one. In a set of remarkably coherent and helpful essays, the authors offer powerful ideas and practical suggestions to theorists, practitioners, and policy makers alike.
?Gary D Fenstermacher, professor of education, University of Arizona
Introduction: Schools and the American Democracy
1. The Meanings of Democracy(Nathan Tarcov)
2. Democracy, Nurturance, and Community(Donna H. Kerr)
3. Democracy, Ecology, and Participation(Mary Catherine Bateson)
4. Democracy, Education, and Community(John I. Goodlad)
5. Public Schooling and the American Democracy(Robert B. Westbrook)
6. Democracy and Access to Education(Linda Darling-Hammond, Jacqueline Ancess)
7. Curriculum for Democracy(Walter C. Parker)
8. Oratory, Democracy, and the Classroom(John Angus Campbell)
9. Teaching the Teachers of the People(Roger Soder)