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Democracy and Development: Theory and Practice

Democracy and Development: Theory and Practice

Adrian Leftwich (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-745-61267-6

Jan 1996, Polity

320 pages

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This book calls into question the current western orthodoxy about the relationship of democracy and development, exploring the theoretical issues involved in the relationship and examining a number of case sudies.
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Notes on the Contributors.

Part I: Theory and Controversy. .

1. On the Primacy of Politics in Development: A. Leftwich.

2. Toward a Theory of Developmental Democracy: R. L. Sklar.

3. Democracy and Development: A Statistical Exploration: S. Ersson and J.-E. Lane.

4. Governance, Democracy and Development: A Contractualist View: G. Hawthorn and P. Seabright.

Part II: Case Studies. .

5. Development, Democracy and Civil Society in Botswana: J. D. Holm.

6. Dilemmas of Democratic Development in India: S. Kaviraj.

7. A Circle of Paradox: Development, Politics, and Democracy in South Korea: C. Moon and Y. C. Kim.

8. Chile: Democracy and Development in a Divided Society: J. Pearce.

9. South Africa: Democracy and Development in a Post-apartheid Society: T. Lodge.

10. Development and Democratization in China: G. White.

11. Democracy without Development in the South Pacific: P. Larmour.

12. Has Democracy Failed Russia?: P. Rutland.

Part III: Conclusion. .

13. Two Cheers for Democracy? Democracy and the Developmental State: A. Leftwich.


"A valuable contribution to comparative analysis ... it is a pleasure to find a rare edited book which amounts to appreciably more than the sum of its individual chapters." Political Studies

"This volume is an important contribution to the debate." Development and Change

* This book contains specially commissioned chapters by leading experts on economic development in the Third World.
* Leftwich examines and assesses the key conditions of economic development and takes a critical look at the role of democracy.
* This authoritative volume is a major contribution to the discipline.