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Dendrimers and Other Dendritic Polymers



Dendrimers and Other Dendritic Polymers

Jean M. J. Fréchet (Editor), Donald A. Tomalia (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85204-0 June 2003 688 Pages

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With contributions from many of the world's leading scientists in the field of dendritic research and development, Dendrimers and Other Dendritic Polymers provides a comprehensive review of this rapidly expanding and exciting new field of polymer science. Of interest to academia and industry alike, this book covers the synthesis, characterization, unique properties, potential for novel applications and technical challenges associated with these polymers.
* Detailed coverage of all known subclasses of dendritic polymers, including their properties and synthesis
* Insight into the potential commercial applications of dendritic polymers, including drug delivery, cancer therapy, coatings and adhesives
* Identification of the key trends and perspectives in dendrimer research
* Essential reference for polymer chemists, materials scientists and plastics engineers working in academia and industry alike

Series Preface.

A Brief Historical Perspective (D.A. Tomalia naad J.M.J. Frecht)

B>I Introduction and Progress in the Control of Macromolecular Architecture

Introduction to the Dendritic State (D.A. Tomalia and J.M. Frechet)

Structure Control of Linear Macromolecules (C.J. Hawker)

Progress in the Branched Architectural State (J. Roovers)

Developments in the Accelerated Convergent Synthesis of Dendrimers (A.W. Freeman and J.M.J. Frechet)

Formation, Structure and Properties of the Crosslinked State Relative to Precursor Architecture (K. Dusek and M. Duskova-Smrckova)

Regioselectively-Crosslinked Nanostructures (C.G. Clark Jr and K. L. Wooley)

Hybridization of Architectural States: Dendritic-linear Copolymer Hybrids (P.R.L. Malenfant and J.M.J. Frechet)

Statistically Branched Dendritic Polymers (E. Malmstrom and A. Hult)

Semi-Controlled Dendritic Structure Synthesis (R.A. Kee et al)

II Characterization of Dendritic Polymers

Gel Electrophoretic Characterization of Dendritic Polymers (C. Zhang and D.A. Tomalia)

Characterization of Dendritically Branched Polymers by Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS), Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) (B.J. Bauer and E.J. Amis)

Atomic Force Microscopy for the Characterization of Dendritic Polymers and Assemblies (J. Li and D.A. Tomalia)

Characterization of Dendrimer Structures by Spectroscopic Techniques (N.J. Turro et al)

Rheology and Solution Properties of Dendrimers (P. Dvornic and S. Uppuluri)

III Properties and Applications of Dendritic Polymers

Dendritic and Hyperbranched Glycoconjugates as Biomedical Anti-Adhesion Agents (R. Roy)

Some Unique Features of Dendrimers based upon Self-assembly and Host-Guest Properties (J. Weener et al)

Dendritic Polymers: Optical and Photchemical Properties (D.L. Jiang and T Aida)

Bioapplications of PAMAM Dendrimers (J.D. Eichman et al)

Dendrimer-Based Biological Reagents: Preparation And Applications in Diagnostics (P. Singh)

Dendritic Polymer Applications: Catalysts (A.W. Kleij et al )

Optical Effects Manifested by PAMAM Dendrimer Metal Nano-Composites (T. Goodson III)

Dendrimers in Nanobiological Devices (S.C. Lee)

Antibodies to PAMAM dendrimers: Reagents for immune detection, patterning and assembly of Dendrimers (S.C. Lee et al)

IV Laboratory Preparation of Dendrimers and Conclusion

Preparation of 'Frechet-type' Polyether Dendrons and Aliphatic Polyester Dendrimers by Convergent Growth: an experimental primer (J.M.J. Frechet et al)

Laboratory Synthesis of Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) Dendrimers (R. Esfand and D.A. Tomalia)

Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(Propylene imine) Dendrimers (M.H.P. van Genderen et al)

Laboratory Synthesis and Characterization of Megamers: Core-shell Tecto(dendrimers) (D.A. Tomalia)

Conclusion/Outlook -
Toward Higher Macromolecular Complexity in the Twenty-first Century (D.A. Tomalia and J.M.J. Frechet)

"a key work of reference...all serious scientific libraries should acquire a copy." (Reactive & Functional Polymers)

"...this book provides a comprehensive review of this rapidly expanding and exciting new doubt very valuable for both academic and industrial scientists, and deserves to be on the shelves of polymer research labs and institutional libraries." (Polymer News)

"...provides an overview of the field..." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2002)

" excellent introduction...a good reference...will be highly useful..." (Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 19, No. 12, December 2002)

"...a rich source of information..." (Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Vol. 42, 2003)