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Deploying and Administering Windows Vista Bible

Deploying and Administering Windows Vista Bible

ISBN: 978-0-470-43999-9

Nov 2008

544 pages

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Although analysts expect the majority of enterprises to tread slowly into migration, there certainly will be early adopters, as there are with any system or device. Because Microsoft has announced that it will support Windows 2000 only until the year 2010, enterprises using older versions of Windows will not have much time for leisurely testing and pilot projects before they need to seriously consider migrating to and deploying Windows Vista. Deploying Windows Vista will require an entirely new set of skills for IT departments called on to migrate from older versions of Windows. Any IT professional looking to the future of their enterprise network deployment will benefit from the advice, tips, and reliable information contained in this resource. The book covers all the important security issues that are top of mind in today's IT world, as well as troubleshooting practices to help get issues resolved in less time. A valuable CD ROM contains tools and utilities to help IT professionals as they deploy Windows Vista for the first time.



Part I: Developing the Deployment Strategy.

Chapter 1: Planning the Deployment.

Chapter 2: Creating Basic Windows Images.

Chapter 3: Managing Windows Licensing and Activation.

Part II: Customizing the Deployment Process.

Chapter 4: Working with Windows Installer.

Chapter 5: Migrating User Data.

Chapter 6: Managing Windows Images.

Chapter 7: Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008.

Chapter 8: Windows Deployment Services.

Part III: Administering Windows Vista.

Chapter 9: Managing Change in Vista.

Chapter 10: Administering Workstations.

Part IV: Protecting and Maintaining the System.

Chapter 11: Securing the Workstation.

Chapter 12: Protecting User Data.

Chapter 13: Recovering Damaged Systems and Lost Data.

Appendix: What’s on the CD-ROM.