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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

Edited By:Murray B. Stein, MD, MPH

Online ISSN: 1520-6394 Impact Factor: 5.043


Benefits of Publishing in Depression & Anxiety

1. Reach a Targeted Audience of Dedicated Professionals. Depression & Anxiety ’s readership consists of healthcare providers concerned with the etiology, pathophysiology, epidemiology, nosology, symptomatology, and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders (including bipolar disorders, major depression, and dysthymia).

2. Secure Rapid Online Publication through EarlyView® . Your article will be posted online as soon as it is ready, before the release of the compiled print issue.

3. Access a State-of-the-Art Submission System. Depression & Anxiety offers online manuscript submission and peer-review via Manuscript Central™ , a user-friendly system making manuscript submission and tracking quick, easy, and safe.

4. Attain High Visibility. Depression & Anxiety is available online through Wiley Online Library® , Wiley’s Internet publishing platform. Wiley Online Library® has more than 29 million user sessions per year.

5. Join into an Intellectual Partnership with Wiley. Publishing at Wiley is truly a collaborative process. We value the long-term relationships we have with our authors and we are committed to maintaining the standard of excellence that has been essential to Wiley's success for nearly two centuries.