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Derryberry's Educating for Health: A Foundation for Contemporary Health Education Practice

Derryberry's Educating for Health: A Foundation for Contemporary Health Education Practice

John P. Allegrante (Editor), David Sleet (Editor), J. Michael McGinnis (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-787-97385-8

Mar 2004, Jossey-Bass

300 pages


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Derryberry's Educating for Health includes the complete original text of his classic book with new chapters by current experts and teachers in the field of health education and promotion. The book is organized into six sections: Linking Statistical Methods to Health Education, Education As a Challenge to All Health Professions, Establishing the Parameters of Health Education, Community Health Education, Influencing the International Health Field, and Research in Public Health Issues.

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Foreword (J. Michael McGinnis).

Preface to the Original Edition.

Preface to This Edition (William D. Taylor).

Acknowledgments to the Original Edition (Helen F. Derryberry).

Acknowledgments to This Edition (John P. Allegrante and David A. Sleet).

The Editors.

The Contributors.


Introduction and Overview (John P. Allegrante and David A. Sleet).

Commentaries from the Profession.

APHA and the Mayhew Derryberry Award (Linda E. Forys and Terri Lee Stratton).

ASTDHPPHE and the Enduring Legacy of Mayhew Derryberry (Rose Marie Matulionis).

SOPHE and the Enduring Legacy of Mayhew Derryberry (M. Elaine Auld).

Commentaries by Derryberry Award Winners.

The Influence of Mayhew Derryberry on Godfrey Hochbaum (James R. Sorenson).

The Mayhew Derryberry Legacy and Marshall Becker (Lawrence W. Green).

Mayhew Derryberry Whispering in My Ear (Noreen M. Clark).

Research and Practice: The Inspiration, Vision, and Leadership of Mayhew Derryberry (Karen Glanz).

De rryberry and the Roots of Modern Health Behavior Theory (Barbara K. Rimer).

Nurse Lorig and Dr. Derryberry (Kate Lorig).

Derryberry: A Twentieth-Century Man for All Seasons (Nicholas Freudenberg).

Footprints on the Path to Social and Behavioral Change (Eugenia Eng).

Mayhew Derryberry: A Career in Changing Health Behavior (David A. Sleet).

Mayhew Derryberry: A Man I Would Have Liked to Have Known (Martin Fishbein).


Part I: Linking Statistical Methods to Health Education Practice.


Chapter 1: Social and Economic Factors Associated with Health Protection for the Preschool Child.

Chapter 2: Medical and Public Health Attitude Toward Smallpox Vaccination and Diphtheria Immunization.

Chapter 3: The Development of a Technique for Measuring the Knowledge and Practice of Midwives.

Chapter 4: Appraising the Educational Content of a Health Service Program.

Chapter 5: The Physician’s and the Nurse’s Part in Health Education.

Chapter 6: A New Technic of Health Education for Use in Baby Stations.

Part II: Education: A Challenge to All Health Professions.


Chapter 7: The Nurse as a Family Teacher.

Chapter 8: Nursing Visit Transcripts as Training Material.

Chapter 9: How to Influence Health Behavior of Adults.

Chapter 10: Health Education for Outpatients.

Chapter 11: Today’s Health Problems and Health Education.

Chapter 12: Health Education in Transition.

Chapter 13: Health Educator: Partner in Health Education.

Part III: Establishing the Parameters of Health Education.


Chapter 14: Taking the Public with You.

Chapter 15: Health Education and Public Relations.

Chapter 16: Health Education: Its Objectives and Methods.

Chapter 17: Better Communications: An Essential in Today’s Public Health.

Chapter 18: The Patient and His Family: A Focus for Health Education.

Part IV: Community Health Education.


Chapter 19: Extension Experience in Public Health.

Chapter 20: Health Is Everybody’s Business.

Chapter 21: What Does the Changing Picture in Public Health Mean to Health Education in Programs and Practices?

Chapter 22: Education in the Health Aspects of Family Planning.

Part V: Influencing the International Health Field.


Chapter 23: The Role of Health Education in a Public Health Program

Chapter 24: Health Education Aspects of Sanitation Programs in Rural Areas and Small Communities

Chapter 25: Health Education: A Mass Movement.

Part VI: Research in Public Health Issues.


Chapter 26: Methods of Evaluating School Health Programs.

Chapter 27: Exhibits.

Chapter 28: Some Problems Faced in Educating for Health.

Chapter 29: Research: Retrospective and Prospective.

Chapter 30: Research Procedures Applicable to Health Education.

Chapter 31: Research and Practice in Health Education.


A. Published and Unpublished Papers of Mayhew Derryberry, Ph.D.

B. The Mayhew Derryberry Award and Its Recipients.