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Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation



Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation

Sarah E. Kemp (Editor), Joanne Hort (Editor), Tracey Hollowood (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-99166-4 January 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 744 Pages

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A comprehensive review of the techniques and applications of descriptive analysis

Sensory evaluation is a scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyse and interpret responses to products perceived through the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. It is used to reveal insights into the ways in which sensory properties drive consumer acceptance and behaviour, and to design products that best deliver what the consumer wants. 

Descriptive analysis is one of the most sophisticated, flexible and widely used tools in the field of sensory analysis. It enables objective description of the nature and magnitude of sensory characteristics for use in consumer-driven product design, manufacture and communication.

Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation provides a comprehensive overview of a wide range of traditional and recently-developed descriptive techniques, including history, theory, practical considerations, statistical analysis, applications, case studies and future directions.  This important reference, written by academic and industrial sensory scientist, traces the evolution of descriptive analysis, and addresses general considerations, including panel set-up, training, monitoring and performance; psychological factors relevant to assessment; and statistical analysis.

Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation is a valuable resource for sensory professionals working in academia and industry, including sensory scientists, practitioners, trainers and students, and industry-based researchers in quality assurance, research and development, and marketing.

Editor Biographies, ix

List of Contributors, xi

Preface to the Series, xv

Preface, xix

Section 1: Introduction

1 Introduction to Descriptive Analysis, 3
Sarah E. Kemp, May Ng, Tracey Hollowood and Joanne Hort

2 General Considerations, 41
Sylvie Issanchou

3 Setting Up and Training a Descriptive Analysis Panel, 81
Margaret A. Everitt

4 Panel Quality Management: Performance, Monitoring and Proficiency, 113
Carol Raithatha and Lauren Rogers

5 Statistical Analysis of Descriptive Data, 165
Anne Hasted

Section 2: Techniques

6 Consensus Methods for Descriptive Analysis, 213
Edgar Chambers IV

7 Original Flavor and Texture Profile and Modified/Derivative Profile Descriptive Methods, 237
Alejandra M. Muñoz and Patricia A. Keane

8 Quantitative Descriptive Analysis, 287
Joel L. Sidel, Rebecca N. Bleibaum and K.W. Clara Tao

9 Spectrum™ Method, 319
Clare Dus, Lee Stapleton, Amy Trail, Annlyse Retiveau Krogmann and Gail Vance Civille

10 Quantitative Flavour Profiling, 355
Sophie Davodeau and Christel Adam

11 A5daptive Profile Method®, 389
Alejandra M. Muñoz

12 Ranking and Rank-Rating, 447
Graham Cleaver

13 Free Choice Profiling, 493
Pieter H. Punter

14 Flash Profile Method, 513
Wender L.P. Bredie, Jing Liu, Christian Dehlholm and Hildegarde Heymann

15 Projective Mapping & Sorting Tasks, 535
Dominique Valentin, Sylvie Chollet, Michael Nestrud and Hervé Abdi

16 Polarized Sensory Positioning, 561
Gastón Ares, Lucía Antúnez, Luis de Saldamando and Ana Giménez

17 Check-All-That-Apply and Free Choice Description, 579
Dominic Buck and Sarah E. Kemp

Section 3: Applications

18 Application of Descriptive Sensory Analysis to Food and Drink Products, 611
Cindy Beeren

19 Application of Descriptive Analysis to Non-Food Products, 647
Anne Churchill and Ruth Greenaway

Section 4: Summary

20 Comparison of Descriptive Analysis Methods, 681
Alejandra M.