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Design Your Garden: 10 simple steps to transform your garden



Design Your Garden: 10 simple steps to transform your garden

Caroline Tilston, Steve Gorton (Photographer)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51763-5 April 2008 192 Pages


The steps to creating a spectacular one-of-a-kind garden

For the gardening enthusiast dying to replicate the stunning gardens pictured in magazines and other people's backyards, this practical guide makes it oh-so-simple and fun. With ten model gardens to choose from, this beautifully illustrated guide demystifies the process of garden design, helping any first-time gardener sketch a plan, select plants, lighting, and accessories-and design a garden with its own unique creative stamp. Each model garden features a plan, an overall picture with close-ups, and notes on why the garden works and how its features can be re-created. Unstinting in its detail and practical advice, Design Your Garden is the ideal pattern book for anyone who wants to create something lovely and long-lasting in their own backyard.



1. What do you want?

2. Inspiration.

3. Reality.

4. Base plan.

5. Design.

6. Movement.

7. Materials.

8. Colour.

9. Plants.

10. Fun bits.

11. Step by step.



1. Lines.

2. Spaces.

3. Pink.

4. Seaside.

5. Sculpture.

6. Pinball.

7. Surprise.

8. White.

9. Circle.

10. Amphitheatre.