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Design and Analysis of Experiments, Volume 2: Advanced Experimental Design

Design and Analysis of Experiments, Volume 2: Advanced Experimental Design

Klaus Hinkelmann, Oscar Kempthorne

ISBN: 978-0-471-70994-7 May 2005 780 Pages



The development and introduction of new experimental designs in the last fifty years has been quite staggering, brought about largely by an ever-widening field of applications. Design and Analysis of Experiments, Volume 2: Advanced Experimental Design is the second of a two-volume body of work that builds upon the philosophical foundations of experimental design set forth by Oscar Kempthorne half a century ago and updates it with the latest developments in the field. Designed for advanced-level graduate students and industry professionals, this text includes coverage of incomplete block and row-column designs; symmetrical, asymmetrical, and fractional factorial designs; main effect plans and their construction; supersaturated designs; robust design, or Taguchi experiments; lattice designs; and cross-over designs.
1. General Incomplete Block Design.

2. Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.

3. Construction of Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.

4. Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.

5. Construction of Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.

6. More Block Designs and Blocking Structures.

7. Two-level Factorial Designs.

8. Confounding In 2¯n Factorial Designs.

9. Partial Confounding In 2¯n Factorial Designs.

10. Designs with Factors at Three Levels.

11. The General Symmetrical Factorial Design.

12. Confounding in Asymmetrical Factorial Designs.

13. Fractional Factorial Designs.

14. Main Effect Plans.

15. Supersaturated Designs.

16. Search Designs.

17. Robust-Design Experiments.

18. Lattice Designs.

19. Cross-Over Designs.

Appendix A. Fields and Galois Fields.

Appendix B. Finite Geometries.

Appendix C. Orthogonal and Balanced Arrays.

Appendix D. Selected Asymmetrical Balanced Factorial Designs.

"…a massively impressive work of scholarship…" (Short Book Reviews, December 2006)

"...a broad and in-depth book...covers not only classic but also up-to-date results and references, making it convenient for researchers. It is one of the very few advanced textbooks on experimental design..." (Technometrics, November 2006)

"I suspect this excellent book will be used most often by specialists in design...the book's importance is largely as a reference for experts...or as an independent learning tool…" (Journal of the American Statistical Association, June 2006)

"I would expect HK to attain essentially the same stature and appeal to virtually the same markets as the 1952 edition." (Journal of Quality Technology, January 2006)

"…the authors have done a commendable job in putting together the vast amount of literature that is available on the topics…of great value to students, and also to teachers and researchers." (Mathematical Reviews, 2006b)