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Design and Planning of Research and Clinical Laboratory Facilities



Design and Planning of Research and Clinical Laboratory Facilities

Leonard Mayer

ISBN: 978-0-471-30623-8 February 1995 536 Pages

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In this primer/professional reference, Leonard Mayer demystifiesone of the most complex architectural specialties. An architectwith more than thirty-three years' experience as a master plannerand programmer of laboratories and clinical facilities, Mr. Mayeroffers a comprehensive overview of the fundamental issues relatedto laboratory planning and design. He also provides designers witha clear and rational framework through which to approach thishighly challenging and rewarding design specialty. A superblearning tool for students and professionals just getting startedin lab design and a valuable one-volume reference for theexperienced professional, Design and Planning of Research andClinical Laboratory Facilities features:
* Step-by-step guidance through the complex maze of codes,specifications, standards, and official guidelines, relating to theplanning, design, and construction processes
* New and updated design criteria based on the most recent laws andregulations
* Master plans, facility programs, functional programs andrequirements programs for a wide variety of scientific and medicaldisciplines and support facilities
* Comprehensive lists of relevant codes, regulations, standards,guidelines, and important architectural, structural, mechanical,electrical, and plumbing criteria

Research and clinical laboratory facilities are, perhaps, the mostcomplex structures to plan and design. Intimidated by a vast andseemingly impenetrable body of codes, regulations, and designcriteria pertaining to lab design and construction, manyarchitects, unfortunately, choose to avoid what can be one of themost profitable and professionally rewarding areas ofspecialization.

Written by an architect with more than thirty-three years ofexperience as a master planner and programmer of laboratories andclinical facilities, this book demystifies the process oflaboratory planning and design. It provides a comprehensiveoverview of the fundamental issues related to laboratory design andoffers readers detailed, step-by-step guidance through the complexmaze of design specifications and codes, standards, and officialguidelines that must be addressed during the programming, planning,design, and construction process.

Focusing mainly on laboratory programming, planning, and designcriteria for "wet" laboratory environments, Leonard Mayer providesexamples from numerous master plans, facility programs, functionalprograms and requirements programs applicable to a wide variety ofscientific and medical disciplines, and related facilities. Relatedfunctions and activities include administrative offices, computercenters, core service and support, building services facilities,and more. He presents new and updated design criteria based onrecent laws and regulations and supplies readers with comprehensivelists of relevant codes, regulations, standards, guidelines, andarchitectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbingcriteria.

Design and Planning of Research and Clinical Laboratory Facilitiesis an excellent primer for architecture students and newcomers tothe field, as well as an indispensable single-volume reference forexperienced professionals. It is also an invaluable resource forresearchers and investigators, facility planners and managers,plant engineers, and all others involved with the design,construction, maintenance, and administration of laboratoryfacilities.
Programming and Planning Criteria.

Mechanical Engineering Criteria (HVAC).

Electrical Engineering Criteria.

Plumbing Engineering Criteria.

Animal Facility Criteria.

Laboratory Core Service and Support Facilities.

Laboratory Work Areas: Standard Plans and Details.


Glossary of Terms.

AIA Standard Forms.