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Design of Work and Development of Personnel in Advanced Manufacturing

Design of Work and Development of Personnel in Advanced Manufacturing

Gavriel Salvendy (Editor), Waldemar Karwowski (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-59447-5

Mar 1994

578 pages

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Presents a framework of worldwide problems, issues and solutions relevant to the design of work and development of personnel in advanced manufacturing systems. Focuses on people and their central roles in automated production resulting from rapid computer-based integration. Addresses social, technical, organizational, managerial and ecological design issues relating to manufacturing success and the business objectives of a firm. Provides solutions to problems of integrating the human element into the production process.
Partial table of contents:

Job Design (G. Spur, et al.).

Human Supervisory Control (T. Sheridan).

Design of Work and Technology (P. Brodner).

Personnel Selection and Training (J. Hedge, et al.).

Decision Support Systems for Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (G. Evans & M. Gupta).

Sources of Performance Variability (T. Smith, et al.).

Human Factors in Test and Inspection (C. Drury & P. Prabhu).

Managing Human Reliability in Advanced Manufacturing Systems (B. Zimolong & R. Trimpop).

Human Aspects of Indutrial Robotics (W. Karwowski, et al.).

Future Trends in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (W. He & A. Kusiak).