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Designing Team-Based Organizations: New Forms for Knowledge Work

Designing Team-Based Organizations: New Forms for Knowledge Work

Susan Albers Mohrman, Susan G. Cohen, Allan M. Mohrman Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-787-90080-9 May 1995 Jossey-Bass 389 Pages


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"A terrific book!" --David A. Nadler, chairman, DeltaConsulting Group

Tackle the organizational issues related to implementing teams.Learn new designs to support the knowledge work components oforganizations. Drawing on over fifteen years of research andconsulting with such companies as Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard,Pacific Bell, General Mills, Pratt and Whitney, Pfizer, and TexasInstruments, the authors shows you how to create new organizationdesigns that empower teams so that they make a real difference.

You'll discover how to:
* Design new work teams
* Identify new roles and responsibilities
* Manage team performance
* Create an empowering team environment
Over 50 tables, figures, and exhibits reinforce the practical text.Even if teams already exist at your organization, you'll use thiswell-researched guide to push your teams to higher levels ofperformance!

Designing Organizations for Knowledge Work.

Exploring the Contours of a Team-Based Organization.


Step One: Identifying Work Teams.

Step Two: Specifying Integration Needs.

Step Three: Clarifying Management Structure and Roles.

Step Four: Designing Integration Processes.

Step Five: Managing Performance.


Identifying New Responsibilities and Skills.

Defining Empowerment for the Team Environment.

Developing Organizational Support Systems.

Making the Transition to Team-Based Design.

Facing the Challenges Ahead.
"A terrific book! It makes a tremAndous contribution by movingforward the state of the art in organization design." (David A.Nadler, chairman, Delta Consulting Group Inc.)

"In an era when competitive forces demand that corporations movetoward a team-based organization, this book is must reading forexecutives. Based on careful research, it provides the best andmost comprehensive road map I have seen for designing andimplementing the paradigm shift companies must make to survive andprosper in the decades ahead." (Michael Beer, professor of businessadministration, Graduate School of Business Administration, HarvardUniversity)

"This book is enormously important and timely. It is a scholarly,yet highly practical, guide to the future design of the 21stcentury organization--where organizations will be predominantlyteam-based and designed for high performance knowledge management."(Stuart S. Winby, director, Product Processes Change Management,Hewlett-Packard Company)