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Designing and Leading Team-Based Organizations, A Leader's / Facilitator's Guide

Designing and Leading Team-Based Organizations, A Leader's / Facilitator's Guide

Susan Albers Mohrman, Allan M. Mohrman Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-787-90865-2 March 1997 Jossey-Bass 64 Pages


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Proven-to-work tools for building or fine-tuning teams

The authors of Designing Team-Based Organizations present hands-on guidance for establishing or refining teams in organizations where they carry out the core work process.

Though teams are fast becoming the basic foundation of businesses and other organizations, surprisingly few resources are available to help managers, leaders, and design teams organize an entire business or business unit around teams. In response to requests from their consulting clients, including Texas Instruments and Honeywell, the Mohrmans developed these step-by-step materials to accomplish just that.

The workbook is a practical guide that combines basic concepts with dozens of valuable worksheets that team organizers can use to create a viable design plan. Attractively designed with clear graphics, sidebars, to-do lists, and diagnostic aids, the workbook details planning, design, goals, decision-making, communications, leadership roles, performance management, and more. The facilitator's guide outlines how to use the workbook with groups so that unit managers, project managers, design professionals, and human resource staffs can work efficiently with their management teams to transform their groups into teams.
How to Use This Design Workbook.

The Authors.

Getting Started.

Designing Team Structures.

Designing Management and Leadership Roles.

Setting Direction Across the Organization.

Building a Framework for Decision Making.

Creating a Framework for Communication.

Managing and Improving Performance.

Establishing the Team Charter.

Leading a Team-Based Organization.