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Designing for the iPad: Building Applications that Sell



Designing for the iPad: Building Applications that Sell

Chris Stevens

ISBN: 978-0-470-97693-7 January 2011 352 Pages


Get in the game of developing successful apps for the iPad

Designing for the iPad presents unique challenges for developers and requires an entirely different mindset of elements to consider when creating apps. Written by a highly successful iPad software developer, this book teaches you how to think about the creation process differently when designing iPad apps and escorts you through the process of building applications that have the best chance for success. You'll learn how to take advantage of the iPad's exciting new features and tackle an array of new design challenges so that you can make your app look spectacular, work intuitively, and sell, sell, sell!

  • Bestselling iPad app developer Chris Stevens shares insight and tips for creating a unique and sellable iPad app
  • Walks you through sketching out an app, refining ideas, prototyping designs, organizing a collaborative project, and more
  • Highlights new code frameworks and discusses interface design choices
  • Offers insider advice on using the latest coding options to make your app a surefire success
  • Details iPad design philosophies, the difference between industrial and retail apps, and ways to design for multiple screen orientations

Designing for the iPad escorts you through the steps of developing apps for the iPad, from pencil sketch all the way through to the iPad App Store.


Who Should Read This Book?

The Revival of the Hobbyist Programmer.

Part I: Understanding the iPad.

Chapter 1: Embracing a New Paradigm.

Chapter 2: Entering the iPad Marketplace.

Chapter 3: Getting Inspired.

Part II: Planning Your Killer App.

Chapter 4: Working with Clients.

Chapter 5: Working on an Independent iPad App.

Chapter 6: Life as an Apple Developer.

Chapter 7: Organizing Your Workflow.

Part III: Designing for Touchscreen Interfaces.

Chapter 8: Delighting the Users of Your App.

Chapter 9: Designing Books and Magazines.

Chapter 10: The Secrets of Alice for the iPad.

Chapter 11: Starting Out with Sound on the iPad.

Part IV: Marketing Your App.

Chapter 12: Zero Budget Solutions.

Chapter 13: Tracking Sales and Adjusting Prices.