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Desktop Witness : The Do's and Don'ts of Personal Computer Security

Desktop Witness : The Do's and Don'ts of Personal Computer Security

Michael A. Caloyannides

ISBN: 978-0-471-48657-2

Jun 2002

384 pages

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Are you aware of every track, trail, and trace you leave behind every time you use your PC? Are you sure that you really deleted that confidential information from your hard drive?

If not - read this. This book describes the ways in which computer and online privacy can be compromised and gives practical guidance on how to prevent private information from being accessible or retrievable by outside parties or agencies.

This book covers:
* The types of information which are retrievable from a computer and how to prevent leaving sensitive data behind
* How privacy is compromised on the internet (email, web browsing, profiling) and how to combat it
* Full technical details on software for doing computer forensics, defeating computer forensics, encryption, steganography, keystroke capture and detecting keystroke capture


The Need is Very Real: Author's Perspective

So You Want to Encrypt: Don't Hurt Your Own Interests by Doing So

Protect What and From Whom? The Answer Determines What You Should and Should Not Do

Effective Protection for Computers Not Connected to Networks

Effective Protection for Computers Connected to the Internet or other Networks

Encrypted Telephony

Legal Issues

In Conclusion



"...Desktop Witness is a wake-up call to all computer users, and certainly essential reading for anyone travelling to unfamiliar countries...In this case, if you don't read it, you could well regret it..." (New Scientist, 22 June 2002) 

"…this book is fascinating…will provide some very valuable information, and an alternative perspective…" (M2 Best Books, 29 August 2002)